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VR Basics: Building Bowling VR

Today’s Basic VR build was a Bowling VR game built in Unity targeted for GVR/Oculus Go.

This is part of my personal training within Unity and C# scripting whilst gaining further experience and understanding of Virtual Reality frameworks. It’s also a personal pipeline development project where I can not only look at my workflow between Unity and external 3D but to learn to build and create specific relatable 3D assets to fit specific needs and deployment ready for use within games and experiential media.

Moving on with C# development for VR I covered game logic and the implementation of interactivity whilst gaining further experience and understanding of Virtual Reality frameworks. This particular one posed challenges to understanding the logic and certainly one that’ll take a little more than this build to fully understand.

Design: Bowling Alley, Pins & Balls



Again one of the most challenging parts to understand is the logic and the maths behind the scoring system.

   if (evaluating == false) {
            if (player.holding == false) {
                evaluating = true;
                gameTimer = evaluationTime;
          } else {
              gameTimer -= Time.deltaTime;
              if (gameTimer <= 0f) {
                  int score = 0; 
                  for (int i = 0; i < pins.Length; i++) {
                      if (pins[i] == null) {


Output/tested Daydream/Go/Rift S  
Engine Unity 2019.30f6  
Creative Cinema 4D, Unity  

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