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September 11, 2021

Stone Titles

“Half of the people lie with their lips; the other half with their tears” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb


A main title for Stone. A tale of a lover with a desire to become king, A narcissistic bigamist that shatters a queens world through a web of lies and deceit.

  • Discipline

    Production, 3D, Art Direction, Animation

  • Skills

    Cinema 4d, After Effects, Premiere Pro

  • Renderer



Classical Narcissism, darkness & intrigue

A personal study into an area of keen interest for me – Title design. In order to stay sharp and remain relevant I tasked myself with the ideation and creation of a title sequence for a TV show. Doing so I challenge myself to look at realism within 3D and to continue utilising my post production/editing skillset in After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Plan & ideation

First I want ideate what it is I want to produce. The theme from this study is to look at stone textures so stone elements will feature throughout in a stone environment. I also want to look at the production of the overall sequence in regards to how it will look/animate and plan early on. The theme of the show is about a a cunning narcissist art dealer so the introduction of stone statues is fitting and the selection of these will be important to displaying feelings throughout the sequence such as dominance & woe etc.


TV Show



Aspect Ratio


Material & lighting

For the material there’s a main focus on realism and minute detailing such as decolourisation and wear to major parts as well as the edges. The lighting will be important throughout the whole scene as this will be used to set the mood and will be a strong animated feature within the final sequence.


Initial look development


Simplistic: Based on smooth camera animation & animated lighting

Final screens

After working the animations and animating the lighting it was time to build and piece it all together.

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I love to collaborate with other designers on any manner of projects especially if it’s going to be difficult! Aside from Graphic Design I’m interested in AR/VR projects as well as motion graphics & 3D for film.

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