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June 3, 2019

Digital Resume v1.2

“Design can be art. Design can be simple. That’s why it’s so complicated’. – Paul Rand


My original Resume built using web technolgies and deployed as an application for MacOS. The resume utilised anaglyph 3D, motion & ambisonic audio.

  • Discipline

    UX/UI, 3D, Art Direction

  • Skills

    Cinema 4D, Web, After Effects

  • Render



Living in a different realm.

It’s been 2 years since I returned to my digital CV. It’s actually one of my favourite creations and I want to look deeper into it and create changes for the better. Although I was happy with the original outcome I feel there is need to add and remove sections/items as well as change some of the aesthetics and sound design to make this a better interactive experience.



I decided to change the application icon. I was happy with the original in terms of the cerebral network design however I felt that it didn’t really reflect the look and feel of the application. I also decided that with it being an application that utilises anaglyph 3D then the icon must reflect it.


Working out the kinks

The first task is to look at the original and make the decision of what needs to change to make this a better interactive experience; after all this is simply an introduction to me as a designer not a ditch effort to move all my work into an application for macOS. I decided to remove the whole portfolio aspect from the experience, as this is an application that requires the use of Anaglyph 3D and the user is required to wear the anaglyph 3d glasses throughout, I didn’t want the work to be hindered as it’s all good and well providing interactivity to allow the user to drag through my work but the anaglyph effect on medium’s that simply didn’t require it, produced a poor result. So the focus of the new version is to trim it down without losing any immersion.


Research & Planning

After spending some time within the application I decided on completely removing the portfolio section. I decided to replace this with a resume section that worked on the same premise as the persona section. By doing this I can keep the user within the same environment without creating too much change. I also decided on slightly changing the aesthetics to allow for the experience to be more immersive so when the user puts on the 3D glasses they can truly feel the difference.


Wireframes & Prototypes

Before jumping straight in to changing the aesthetics of the application I decided to re-look at the layout and how I can create the experience firstly without any 3D visuals. That way I can really understand the correct placement of content to ensure for great legibility and readability.


Wireframe Prototype



Moving on


The portfolio in the original was quite interactive, it contained a drag interaction so the user could drag through the content. However, the work didn’t look so clever when converted to anaglyph 3D. So, I decided to link to my online portfolio where the same work is displayed.

I came across an issue in that when the user selects the portfolio link and was directed straight to my site they would still be wearing the anaglyph glasses. So, I decided to create a section that explained that they were going to be a) leaving the application and b) being taken to my online portfolio externally and there will be no need to continue wearing the glasses. This will also remove the sudden shock of going from quite a dark scene to a bright white one.

Old Portfolio in use


Sound Design

The sound within the original application was actually ok. There was a some slight changes to the interactive sounds within the app to ensure that they related to the angles within the interface. I had to create new sounds for the extra resume section as it wasn’t in on the original application. Also the new music hover was added onto the home screen in which the user would hover and one of my experimental tracks will play. This posed for animating the background image so as the song is playing, the glitch animation will sync with the music.

Old Portfolio in use

Shall we?

Lets collaborate.

I love to collaborate with other designers on any manner of projects especially if it’s going to be difficult! For collaboration I’m interested in AR/VR projects as well as motion graphics & 3D for film. Hit the Lets Go button if you would like me to join a project.

I Use Google Anyltics to provide a better User Experience.