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11truffle11-2 I love to create

Hey! 👋 I'm Chris, a visual designer with a tech edge. I work with graphics/motion, 3D & XR 🥽
I'm interested in the interactivity of things and love to design & play across various mediums, especially augmented & virtual reality. 🤓

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Days Away VR
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Welcome to my personal site. I’m a designer currently working in-house for a content production studio creating motion, design & AR. My interests lie within film, music & VR/AR. I have an affinity for interactivity and currently studying 3D interaction Design to branch from standard motion into experiential.

I work with a multiplex of mediums ranging from print & digital to interactive & motion. I’m truly humbled and blessed to have worked on many exciting projects over the last few years for some prestigious clients such as:



Driven by passion

Driven by Passion

I Use Google Anyltics to provide a better User Experience.